Omni was founded in 1969 by Peter Troncale. As a former CFO of one of the world's largest corporations, he observed the inefficient practices that limit profits and productivity.

By utilizing his accounting skills and industry knowledge he discovered ways to recapture lost revenue and increase the productivity and efficiency while creating a methodology that would be scalable to every business. Omni’s expertise in the digital equipment field has perfected methods based on basic principles of analysis and solution development that match a financial requirement and a workflow understanding to provide organizations with the right document management solution and equipment.

Managed Print Solutions

This area focuses on cost savings related to printed document expenses. There is a 3-phase approach that we take for this. The first 2 are Analysis and Control, which is the theory behind our Manage-In-Place service. This is where we run a software application that gives us an accurate usage of the client’s equipment. We combine those findings with data directly from the manufacturers to determine actual costs of their present environment. We then propose our solution for them to gain control over their document output costs and improve equipment service. The last phase is the Print Optimization strategy, which will involve strategically moving, replacing, or removing devices for better cost-containment.

Digital Printing

This area utilizes our off lease return equipment at a low operating cost so that we can provide digital printing services similar to Staples but at a lower costand we will deliver to the clients so they do not have to leave their office.

Equipment Leasing

Omni was a pioneer in the area of office equipment leasing over 40 years ago and still is today. We adapt our business model as the laws change over the years to deliver the best rates and customize funding solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. Since our founder was a CFO we have always kept our focus on the best financial solution for our clients to obtain the equipment they need.

Enterprise Content Management

We work with our clients because as their business environment changes the office equipment has to integrate into specific data management strategies. We offer solutions ranging from reducing paper output, document scanning and storage, and security measures involving printed materials, as well as mobile computing issues.

We were the first to offer leasing programs for equipment over 40 years ago.

We were the first to assemble a buying cooperative to secure the best pricing, terms, and support for our members.

We were the first to develop and implement a print management program for your printer fleet.

We were the first to customize solutions for different vertical markets.

So, what does it mean to be the first? Well, those that are responsible for our breakthrough moments have the clearest understanding of the need. They make the mistakes, take responsibility for the miscalculations, and revise. One such visionary was Karl Benz. No doubt you can see his internal combustion engine laid the groundwork for a pretty impressive line of automobiles.

Omni’s founder worked as the CFO of one of the world’s largest corporations. He saw firsthand the inefficient practices that kill profits and productivity. He wanted to find ways to recapture lost revenue and increase the productivity and efficiency of his staff.

What he found seemed too simple at first; so simple it would surprise you. Why didn’t everyone know this already?

Omni’s founder was the first to look at optimizing document printing and management as a source of savings. His background as an accountant and CFO gave him the skills to analyze processes, find areas of improvement, and develop solutions. Omni’s method is based on basic principles of analysis and solution development from a financial viewpoint. In short, Omni develops a solution that provides a compelling business reason for implementation.


Peter Troncale


Peter Troncale Jr. is the President of Omni Funding and oversees day-to-day activities. Peter began working in the business founded by his father forty years ago. He gained the skills needed to successfully run the business by holding key positions in every department.

As Peter has taken over the reins of leadership, Omni has experienced a period of record growth as our internal processes have been streamlined. He has capitalized on our vendor relationships allowing us to offer better service, greater productivity, as well as a broader product line to our customers.

Peter’s vision for the future is to strengthen our relationships with our clients via continuous monitoring and analysis of their print and content management processes.

Arthur Sanders, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Omni Funding, Mr. Sanders was a Senior Partner in the accounting firm of Israeloff, Trattner and Company, CPA’s P.C. where he was the partner in charge of Omni for over 35 years.

Mr. Sanders has an extensive background in financial reporting and management advisory services related to financing needs. His areas of expertise include budget and cost analysis, human resource management, financial planning and control, tax, financial management, and internal control. He continues in those areas at Omni overseeing the accounting department and working with the president and directors of Omni in all areas of management, marketing, and business development.

Mr. Sanders sits on several boards of charities and various professional organizations. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Accountants, as well as the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. Mr. Sanders has an undergraduate degree from Queens College.

David Katusa

Director of Managed Services

David Katusa is a graduate of Waynesburg University with a BS in Business Administration and Accounting. He began his corporate career in Finance as a Regional Accounting Manager for Circle K Corporation. In his next position he took on more administrative duties as the VP of Operations for Integrated Brands.

Mr. Katusa has held various positions at Omni Funding Corporation over the past twenty years. Since 2005 he has been the Director of Managed Print Services, being instrumental in the development of the program. Today, Mr. Katusa continues as the Director of the Managed Print Program; he also oversees the implementation of our software solutions.

Wayne Schatzel

Director of Business Development

Prior to joining Omni Funding, Mr. Schatzel was a business consultant for many small businesses in the tri-state area. It is his extensive background and experience in the areas of IT, Managed Print Services, Sales Management, and Business Development that gives him a keen insight into his clients’ unique situations. His consultative style and business acumen are a welcome addition to the Omni Funding team.

His diverse business experience includes Director of Technology at Private Client Group, Major Account Executive and Solutions Sales Specialist at Ricoh Business Systems, Help Desk Manager at Philip Morris, Sales Manager at Frontpage Media, and Vice President at a leading job-fair company, Careerfairs USA.