Once we decide the best system for your company, we'll put it in place.
Constant improvement is our goal. Keep your print system updated with Omni.

Omni’s Implementation is an ongoing process. We work with our clients through the 4 stages of the initial plan and beyond as we continually improve their processes and achieve the goals set forth.

implementation graph
  • Plan

    We listen to the objectives and processes our clients are interested in achieving and together we determine which important factors that must be considered for a seamless integration with minimal impact to the their daily operations.

  • Action

    We implement the best business practices for the fulfillment of our client’s plan. This is where we start to collect data for the ongoing analysis to ensure we are achieving our objectives.

  • Check

    We study the actual results and compare against the expected results to ascertain any differences.

  • Adjust

    Together we make any adjustments to maintain the new standards and workflow processes that our client’s have set. We keep on working with our clients during the continuous process for overall improvement and profitability.

It is Omni’s core competency to deliver a managed print solution to achieve a significant bottom-line profitability that many of our competitors attempt but never achieve.