Managed Print Services

Print Management has been the mantra of the document management industry for the last decade, but what does it mean?

MANAGEMENT: The act or skill of CONTROLLING and making decisions about a business…

As every equipment manufacturer has jumped on the bandwagon, they have formulated their own definition, largely based on the same business model used for multifunction devices. A simple program which monitors volumes and includes toner replenishment. For manufacturers wanting to enter this evolving business, this was a homerun. There would be very little investment as they were already collecting meter reads. The question is, however, besides a small reduction in toner cost, can print management provide any other benefit?


When it comes to print management, most of our clients tell us that these are some of the main goals they achieved:

  • Cost Savings
  • Sustainability — both environmentally and fiscally
  • Printing from mobile devices
  • Security, governance, and compliance
  • Automating paper-based processes

Discovery Phase

We’ll conduct a no obligation comprehensive evaluation of your print environment, document infrastructure, and workflows. This will give you an accurate baseline of current printing environment. Then we’ll develop a roadmap for your ideal future state, including cost saving projections.

Control Phase

Transition from your current state to your ideal future state design with our Managed Print Solutions. We’ll also help connect everything to your IT environment in a secure and compliant way. This is when we’ll turn on solutions for secure printing from mobile devices and take over the responsibility of managing your print servers and print inquiries.


Implementation Phase

We will assist managing the day to day operations of your print and document infrastructure. Through ongoing data review and analysis, we’ll help you continue to improve productivity and the end-user experience. We can also help you to automate paper-based processes with the goal of further enhancing productivity and cost savings through reduced printing.