Discover how the nation’s largest printer & copier buying cooperative can help.

Omni Funding Corporation is a customer focused value added reseller which provides integrated document management solutions for many organizations in the United States and internationally.

We use the knowledge we have gained from over 45 years in the Digital Imaging and reproduction equipment business to provide organizations with the right document management solution and equipment.


One Organization Managing All Your Printing Needs

Without active consideration, many organizations end up with multiple suppliers for their print hardware, software, servicing and consumables. Unaddressed, this results in unwelcome costs and unnecessary issues. We assist our clients by being their one point of contact to:

Combine mixed service levels into one agreement.

Manage leasing contracts to simplify their accounting process.

Leverage our combined buying power to offer the most competitive pricing available.

Implement thorough review and measurement tools.

Improve security , compliance, and document management processes.

Customize a strategy to achieve and maintain cost control.

Provide managed print outsourcing when needed.

Create one source of accountability.

The OMNI buying cooperative and its benefits to you.

The OMNI buying cooperative is a group of Fortune 500 companies which have combined their purchasing power to acquire office automation equipment at the lowest available cost, while being assured of the best service available from the manufacturer.

Major Discounts

Our buying cooperative has over 10,000 machines and we purchase in excess of 600 machines every year. Our buying power affords us the best pricing available. We pass that on to you.

First Tier Service

Our placements receive priority service response times directly from the national organizations we represent. You get the same treatment as a Fortune 500 customer.

Best of Brand

We are not tied to any one vendor, nor are we forced to favor one line of products. The net result is that you, the client, get the most effective equipment for your needs at the most competitive prices available.

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